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Depression, Memory Loss, and Concentration

It’s a mad, mad world. Depression takes it form and effect on all ages and stages. It has no bar for status or for the poor; it can affect any class of people. Emotional stability problems and issues are a plethora in everyone’s mind and heart. When they are left untreated or unvented, it leads to depression, lack of focus, memory loss and associated side effects. A patient who is into neck-deep depression also becomes prey to death and other psychotic disorders.

In case you have any depression issues, you must approach nature for cure. Here, nature means Ayurveda – simply because natural problems can be solved by none other than Nature and its treasured herbs. Here are ingredients from your very own kitchen that can help you get rid of depression and memory loss. Try these simple steps and it will give you a great load of relief:

Depression, Memory Loss, and Concentration

1. The almond therapy

Almonds are known for their omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acids. Soaking them overnight in water, having them on an empty stomach the next morning will certainly help you improve on the memory front. Also, almonds are great repairers for heart related issues. It will keep your heart and health safe and serene. Eating almonds has proven to be stress-busters by people who go into depression while dieting hard-core. Try a handful of these miraculous nuts.

2. Brahmi, the memory herb

Brahmi is known for its memory strengthening properties. It is said that this herb strengthens your brain cells, improves the blood flow to your brain and thereby increases your focus towards anything that you’re indulged in. Since it increases the blood flow to your brain, sleep will be flawless in your life. Did you know sleep is the best treatment while you’re depressed? Now, you know why you should reach out for Brahmi.

3. Cinnamon sticks, the game changer

Cinnamon is not only known for its spicy and herbal flavor, but also for its nerve stimulating properties. If you scoop in a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder into lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach right in the morning, you will see miraculous changes in your memory power and overall wellbeing in a very few days. Also, cinnamon helps in weight reduction, clearing away the early symptoms of depression and in maintaining your hormonal flow. Try this morning drink and you’ll never quit the habit yet again!

4. Fish oil

If you are a non-vegan, your mantra to mental strength is none other than the mighty fish oil. Full of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil is simply the best boost to your brain cells. It stimulates the brain cells and puts them to work very efficiently. Fish oil is safe and best even for kids. When you are able to divert yourself with work and other interesting hobbies, depression will not find its loophole to knock your door – don’t you agree?

5. Those brain puzzlers

Brain games and word games are the best hobby for any age. When you are too confused, sit over a puzzle game and put the pieces right where they belong, and psychologically, you’ll feel that your life’s problems are as simple as the jigsaw puzzle you laid your hands over! Install word games on your smart phone or play a physical game of puzzle with your loved ones. It will both improve your memory power and deviate you from depressing thoughts. Give this time pass a try!

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