Daily Regimen

Ayurveda is a science of life not merely for treating the diseases. Apart from disease management, to improve health and to prevent diseases some regulatory measures were recommended by Ayurvedic scholars (Right from getting up from bed till going to sleep). Following this regimen, improves longevity, immunity, and prevents diseases.

Get up early

Get up early in Brahma Muhurtha (any time between 3 am to 6 am).If you feel that the food taken in the previous night has not been fully digested; you can sleep for some more time but not beyond sunrise.

Eliminate Properly

After getting the urge of urine & feces naturally eliminate them without forcing.

Cleaning the teeth

In Ayurveda, it has been mentioned that the teeth should be cleaned with the branches of Vata, Asana, Khadhira, Karanja, Irimeda the trees which possess astringent, bitter and pungent taste. Its one end should be made like a brush by chewing .Brushing should be done twice daily.

After cleaning the teeth, gum should be rubbed with fine powder of Trikatu/Triphala/Trijataka mixed with honey.

Next, tongue is to be cleaned by scrapping it with the tongue scrapper made from metal. Scraping should be from the root of the tongue to tip not in reverse direction. This will remove dirt, bad taste and foul smell, thereby producing better taste and hygiene. It also softens the mouth and prevents diseases in the mouth.

Keeping the mouth filled with water the eyes are to be flashed with water every morning. This reduces tension and tiredness of the eyes and improves vision. In summer and autumn seasons cold water should be used for splashing. During cold seasons lukewarm water can be used but hot water should never be used.


Gods and elders should be worshipped, 108 sacred names of God should be repeated then the person should see his image in ghee kept in Gold vessel. This brings good luck and dispels evils.


Eye –salve (Herbal kajal) should be applied to the eyes daily. By this, the eyes will become beautiful, capable of seeing minute objects, eye lashes become smooth and firm.

Nasal drops

Anu taila(Medicated oil) should be put into the nose.(Consult Physician for more details).This keeps the skin, shoulders, neck, face, and chest strong/firm, raised and good looking, devoid of wrinkles, grey hair, black patches.

Mouth wash

Keeping the mouth filled with oil daily for a few minutes in the morning will prevent cracking of lips, dryness of mouth and diseases of teeth and throat. Mouth wash with warm water will clean the mouth.


Activities which produce tiredness to the body are known as Vyayama (Exercise). Lightness of the body, increased capacity to work, keen appetite, reduction of body fat, distinct and firm body parts are the benefits of exercise. Strong persons and those who are accustomed to fatty foods, should do exercise to half their capacity during cold seasons. During other season, it should be less. After exercise the whole body should be massaged well.

Oil bath

Bath improves appetite, sexual vigor, life span and strength, removes dirt, itching, exertion, sweat, thirst, burning sensation and sin. Pouring hot water below the head is strengthening while the same over the head diminishes the strength of the hair and eyes. Bathing should not be done without wetting the head.


One should take food with pleasant mind, without hurry, after offering to the God of fire, to the poor. We should not speak or laugh in between.


A person should be free of restlessness by keeping the mind calm and composed after taking light and suitable food in the evening, by offering prayers to God. The bed should be clean furnished with pillows which are broad and comfortable. The cot and the chairs should be of the height of one’s knee, soft and beautiful. Head should be placed towards east or south. The bedroom should be either in the east or west of the house. Person should think of only righteousness at the time of going to bed.

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