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10 Common Skin Irritants

Agree it, you’re very choosy about the personal care products you buy and think of waiting and coming back later for the best product which is a little expensive. Friend, you’re not alone! There are very simple problems that people don’t complaint of, but behave very choosy when it comes to personal care or home care purchase. Certain allergies like dryness and redness might be your daily battle, but you know the reason for it and you try and alternate that source of the problem with better ingredients. Sometime later you’ll try the product again like a trial and error and put your best effort to become compatible to the product.

This article will exactly enlighten you about the very common skin irritants that people suffer of, alike you. It will also guide you on the symptoms of each irritant and its severity, based on which you can take the decision of staying with the product or walking off. Read on.

Skin Irritants


There are many cleanliness freaks out there, who keep washing their hands just in fear that they might catch up infection while they’re travelling, working or even flying. You might be able to relate to the statement above completely, if yes, then this point for you.

Over a period of time, you might have felt that your hands are becoming drier than it ever was and you started googling and youtubing for the best hand cream formulas that can hydrate your hands like magic. And you would have found the right hand cream too, and would yet be sticking on to your very frequent hand washing routine. This will act adverse on you – yes, you read it right. One day without your hand cream or moisturizer, you will see that all the moisture from your hands are ripped off and it starts cracking and bleeding. This is an intense side effect of over drying hands.

If you are already running through these hand drying complaints, it’s high time for you to check for milder and chemical free soaps to wash your hands and reduce your hand washing ceremony by a tad bit instead of spending on extravagant hand creams. The only solution is using coconut oil before you go to bed and follow it up with a mild cleansing soap in the day time. Fear not, your body has a splendid infection fighting capacity and your body will take care of you! Just give it the best solution.

2.Household cleaners

For most people, the laundry or dish detergents or all-purpose cleaners will turn to be their enemies. It might stretch your skin beyond possibility; make it itchy, dry, scaly and rough. You must understand that changing these products will not solve your issue because every cleaning agent has the same number and amount and intensity of chemicals like the others do and only the brand name changes. The best solution to this problem is to wear protective gloves in your hands before handling these irritants.

3.The type of fabric and clothing

Synthetic dress material and wool might be the allergy causing factor to many people. They might either encounter dermatitis or eczema when their body gets in touch with these fabrics. The best solution to this problem could be avoiding these materials and opting for cotton or a better alternative. When you have to wear wool during the winters, prefer cotton stuffed jackets and hoodies instead of cardigans.


Summer months could be the horrendous months for a few. However, this cannot be the case with any Asian because he/she is most of the times exposed to a summer climate only. For those living in colder places, experience a full-fledged summer could turn out to be allergic. You might develop rashes, redness, sunburns etc. in your underarms, belly folds etc. The only solution to this is covering up yourself from the Sun in a proper way and wearing best cotton clothes while you are out in the sun.

5.Latex allergy

Latex is the natural form of rubber available in elastic waistbands; especially the lingerie. Apart from the clothing latex allergy might also continue onto tropical fruits like bananas and kiwis. People with a latex allergy should choose lingerie that are rubber-elastic free and of good quality and brand. For the tropical fruits part, there’s no other way than refraining yourself from these.

6.Fragrance allergy

Fragrance allergies owe to both the aroma and smell of the fragrance and the chemical formulation of the liquid. Musk, vanilla scent etc. are very common flavors that people develop an allergy to. This is because; it may be tricky to weed out the offending chemical while the fragrance is being manufactured. The best remedy is to stay away from such kind of scents.

7.Personal care products

Personal care products like creams and lotions might be of allergy to a few. The wrinkle creams, skin peels, whitening masks etc. are the products people get vulnerable to. These are rich in paraben, SLS etc. that are harmful for the skin. Keep away from these products and reach out for homemade skin packs to stay safe.


Food allergies, rashes, itching, bumps, food poisoning, hives etc. are very common problems in today’s population. All thanks to the inorganic food and fertilizer rich farm yields we get today! While the long term solution for food allergies is having at least kitchen gardens for our favorite vegetables, the short term solution is keeping away from them. Certain people get such allergies when a food is over spicy and so they will be asked to stay away from certain spices too.

9.Sun allergy

The worst form of allergy is when one will face rashes and sunburns and uncontrollable skin reactions after having stepped into the Sun. For such cases, it is better to use SPF 50+ sunscreen formulations that are herbal in nature. Sometimes, even these sunscreen formulas turn out to be allergic to some people. They should ideally keep away from formulations that are free from PABA.
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