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Kesovit - Hair Oil

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5 Reasons Coconut Oil is good for Hair

One of the well-known secrets that have been handed over to us by our ancestors is coconut oil. The goodness in coconut oil is worth passing it on to another millions of generation. It is by far the only oil that can bring an end to all your beauty woes! Known for its moisturizing capacity and the healthiness it can penetrate into those hair strands, this wonder oil can be an excellent base for other beauty products like creams and lotions, cooking and moisturizing. This article is about what goodness it can bring to your hair, either as a standalone agent or in combination with other miraculous herbs that our ancestors have passed on to us.

5 Reasons Coconut Oil is good for Hair

If you have a hair related problem, the only solution can be coconut oil. Read through these 5 uses to know where you fall and how this fabulous oil can bring an end to your problem.

1. Drive away the Damage: Coconut oil can drive away the problems of hair damage. Hair damage is caused due to excessive exposure to chemicals, exposure to extreme heat or cold etc. Coconut oil contains a lot of proteins in it which can prevent your hair from any further damage and can soothe, relax and strengthen the already damaged hair.

For example, if you have had your hair straightened permanently or temporarily once or for more than a couple of times, and have decided to not treat your hair with heat and chemicals once again, you can healthily restore to your original hair without much damage and hair loss using coconut oil.

Warm up pure coconut oil and use it to massage your hair scalp and hair tips. Leave it overnight or for at least half an hour before you wash it out. Doing this for an extended period of time; say weekly twice, can give your hair a healthy shine and strengthen each strand of your hair.

2. Soft Hair within No Minutes: We are talking about hair conditioning when we mean soft hair. Conditioning your hair strands is much needed, no matter how straight and nourished your hair is. After every wash, your hair loses a part of its moisture, however mild your shampoo is; it is the same case even with baby shampoos. To reinstall this moisturizing content and to ensure that not even a minimal portion of the moisturizing is lost, you will need to condition your hair.

Now, conditioners just don’t mean those chemicals filled in the bottle for an extravagant price. Coconut oil by itself is an excellent conditioner to your hair. All you have to do is, stir in a tablespoon of natural henna with a few teaspoons of coconut oil and warm milk to make a consistent paste like a conditioner. Once you have rinsed your hair with shampoo, use this homemade conditioner as like how you use a normal conditioner, leave it on for around 20 minutes and then wash your hair off with plain water, just to reveal smooth, conditioned and healthy hair!

3. Effective against Gray Hair: If you have a persistent complaint of premature gray or hair graying, then coconut oil is the answer to it. Mix in warmed up coconut oil with bhringraj leaves or the herbal powder and apply this mixture to your hair and scalp.

Using this pack can reap you the benefits of healthy hair with no gray around!

4. The Styling Enigma: Because coconut oil has the capacity to melt while it’s heated and condenses while cooled, you can use it as a binding agent to your hair. In fact, coconut oil is the healthy replacement for chemical-loaded gels which do the binding job.

5. Effective Hair Toner: If you have dry hair that’s unmanageable, then go in for the natural hair toner made with coconut oil. It’s a child’s play to prepare this hair toner. All you do is stir in some lavender oil with pure coconut oil and store this in a bottle. Apply this to your scalp and hair and leave it overnight before you wash your hair the next day morning with a mild shampoo. You can use this mixture as frequently you want to, until you see the perfectly toned head of hair.

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