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Blueberries Increase Brain Power

It has been recently researched on and declared that blueberries are the food for thought. A bowl of blueberries can keep your brain very active and hence the memory power and decision making capability is seen to be improved scientifically.

The Story behind Blueberries

Blueberries are very helpful in activating your brain cells, says studies. It has been concluded that snacking on a blueberries results in a 20% increased brain power instantly. So what’s behind these miraculous berries, let’s have a look:

Blueberries Increase Brain Power
  • Abundant amounts of antioxidants that has the capacity to remove free radicals in the brain cells
  • Increases the blood flow in one’s brain, thus making it active and healthy
  • Contains flavonoids which have the capacity to open up blood vessels, thereby allowing increased blood flow into the brain cells, again.
  • Increases the brain’s cognitive performance and thereby paves way to a healthier brain for a long term
  • Increases one’s power of concentration and focus 20% more than the existing capacity
  • The capacity to solve brain puzzlers, mazes, IQ assessments and reacting to words on a flash screen will be increased.

The Scientific Study that made the Difference

Dr. Spencer and his team happened to test a group of 40 adults with a blueberry smoothie treat. These adults were aged between 18 and 30. Once they were fed with cups of the blueberry smoothie, they were tested for a list of concentration activities through the day.

These tests included finding their way out of a maze, general IQ assessments, concentration and focus tests, the way they reacted to word building etc. The concentration power and brain’s activity was then recorded.

A month later, the same set of adults was brought back to the lab and it was ensured that they hadn’t snacked on any blueberry recipe during the whole month. The same set of mazes, assessment tests, word power and brain teasers were offered to them. At the end of each activity, the brain’s performance and activity were recorded again. While it was compared to the previous scores that were recorded a month back, there was a direct drop of brain’s activity by 20% on each adult.

Dr. Spencer’s team conducted the same test on a group of middle aged people and pensioners too, and to their amazement the same 20% drop down was noticed.

It was hence concluded that a bowl of blueberries in its own form or as a smoothie increases one’s brain power directly by 20%. When this was the result for just a day, then you can imagine what difference it will add to your intelligence when consumed on a daily basis. The genius within you is more than reachable with a bowl of blueberries!

Recipes with Blueberries

Now that you know how much of intelligence and difference blueberries can cause to your brain, you can also read through the list of recipes possible with blueberries, so that you can pamper your taste buds and activate your brain cells with a variety of recipes:

  • Blueberries as is
  • Blueberry smoothies (more than 20 varieties of such smoothies are available to try your hands on)
  • Blueberry pies
  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Blueberry cobblers
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Blueberry zucchini bread
  • Blueberry cakes and pastries
  • Blueberry crumbs and wafers
  • Blueberry French toast and so on.
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