The Facts about Irregular Periods

The shark week, raining down south, leak week, hail the red – how do you address those painful and time of the month (TOTM) days? Periods are every woman’s tasking time with a lot of pain and those crappy PMS to endure. Even worse is the case for those who complaint of irregular periods. The tension of YES or NO during the TOTM makes their mood go cracked up, even if PMS are absent!

That being said, check out the list below and make a note of the factors that might be causing these irregular periods for you. Once you note them down, we will help you with tips from Ayurvedic treatment for irregular periods. These symptoms might be a way that your periods are trying to tell you something.


  • Too much of exercising or dieting is a NO-NO
  • Stress and anxiety can never be your besties
  • Birth control pills control your period flow too
  • Thyroid or fibroid problems are bound to curse you with irregular period problems
  • Teenage and menopause age span could be the reason why you’re suffering – time of life, really matters

If you’ve related yourself with one of the mentioned points, it’s time to pay some medical attention for your health condition – your periods are really trying to tell you something and only your doc can hear it! However, the reasons could be:

  • Consistent irregular periods could be a symptom of PCOS
  • Get your blood screened for thyroid hormone fluctuations
  • Check if your ovulation really takes place
  • Get monitored for uncontrolled diabetes
  • Get your uterus checked for occurrence of fibroids
  • Check if you’re stressing out, real bad
  • Check if all the medications you are consuming for other illnesses aren’t impacting your TOTM
  • Check if your ovaries are making good amounts of estrogen

Prevention and Ayurvedic Treatment for Irregular Periods

  • Tulsi water
  • Shoots of neem boiled in water
  • 100 gm of grapes consumed daily
  • Sesame laddus (Sweet balls) consumed during every month, especially during your TOTM
  • Fig juice
  • Proper diet
  • Prescribed amount of exercising
  • Stress-free life and good mandatory sleep
  • Weight reduction through trustable methods

Try these ayurvedic remedies for irregular periods and leave comments to tell us if you know of any herbal tested, tried and successful remedies.

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