Hemorrhoid Natural Treatment – Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

A hemorrhoid, commonly called piles in layman term is nothing but inflated rectum condition, which makes your potty habit a pain. Your anal region gets completely inflated and thus burning sensation; bleeding and wounds that never heal become the outcome. Pushing the body waste out of your body becomes the most tasking job with piles. Here are natural remedies that can help you overcome this painful situation:

1. Give it some icy coldness

What’s soothing than a relaxing ice pack over a burning feeling. Use an ice pack on your hemorrhoids several times a day to bring down the inflation and relieve you of pain and irritation.


2. The gel-‘y’ aloe

Aloe vera is known for its cooling properties and its gel is the best lubricant for your hemorrhoids. You can scoop out the aloe gel from a fresh aloe leaf and apply this gel to the inflated area. Use this gel to massage your anal area and you will find instant relief from the burning sensation that almost kills you.

3. The citrusy juice

Mix in half a lemon’s juice, a piece of ginger, mint leaves’ juice and honey. Have this mixture several times a day for instant relief from the constipation problem in piles. It will also bring down the pain by a greater notch.

4. Almond and olive oil

Both almond and olive oils are known for their emollient properties. Massage the affected and inflated hemorrhoid area with either of these oils. They will also prove to be natural lubricants when you have the sensation to pass stools and will also bring down your irritation and pain.

5. Castor oil therapy

It is proven and strongly believed by our elders that castor oil cools down one’s body and reduces the heat in the body. In one way, piles is an outcome of excessive heat in the body. Drinking a teaspoon of castor oil directly or mixing it in a glass of warm milk every morning will give you instant and really effective solution to piles.

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