Natural Home Remedies to Alleviate Joint Pain

There can be many reasons for joint pain ranging from mild to serious; whatever may be the cause, it can still hamper your day to day activities. You can take quick pain relief tablets for relief; however, it may have certain side effects. You can try out several home remedies and Ayurveda herbal supplements that can help in curing joint pain and are free from side effects.
joint pain
A joint pain caused due to sprain or muscle strain can be cured by applying warm mustard oil or a pain-relieving gel or cream. These gels or ointments contains ingredients that can provide warmth and promote blood circulation, which will help the muscles to recover from exhaustion, and are safer to use. If you are having reoccurring joint pain, then try consuming the natural pain reliever – Ashwagandha or withania somnifera. It helps in improving our fitness level and strength and can release the pain triggered due to rheumatic conditions. It also helps in reducing the frequency of joint pains.

Apply a mixture of methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil, menthol and camphor on the aching joints for immediate relief. You can even massage using warm olive oil or with a warm mixture of sunflower oil and camphor oil.

Ginger has incredible properties of constraining secretion of certain hormones associated with inflammation and pain, making it the most effective herbal product to get relief from reoccurring joint pain.

Consuming a tablespoon of a mixture made of carrot juice and lemon juice in an empty stomach will help in relieving the joint pain.

Hot water bath for pain relief

Hot water bath for pain relief

Hot water bath provides relief from body pain. Hot and cold compresses can relax the muscles and joint ligaments and helps in improving the blood flow and provide relief from joint ache.

Applying warm apple cider vinegar can provide instant relief from pain; however, people with sensitive skin can find it irritating and, in such cases, you can dilute it with water before heating.
Gomukhasana yoga pose
Apart from these, you can also try yoga poses like ‘Gomukhasana’ to get relief from joint pain. Improving the functioning of cardio-vascular system and oxygenation of the whole body helps in treating pain and disorders of the body and you can try breathing exercises for quick remedy.

You can also try the natural solution: Nart Oil – An Anti-inflammatory Herbal massage oil. Nart oil enters deep into the joints and acts quickly to provide relief from joint pain without any side effects.

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