Instant Home Remedies for Gastric Problem

One of the most prevalent problems that many individuals face is gastric problems. Even though a good diet and a balanced lifestyle are important, they are insufficient to prevent a person from developing a gastrointestinal disease. The reason for this is a person’s lifestyle and eating habits, which differ from individual to individual.

Because stress hormones are corrosive to the stomach lining, a gastric ailment can also be the result of increased stress and strain. There are numerous home remedies for gastrointestinal problems; however, today we will focus on several quick home remedies for gastric issues. Liquids that can help with stomach issues are listed below.

Cold Milk

A glass of cool, fat-free, sugar-free milk provides immediate relief from the burning sensation associated with acid reflux. It contains calcium, which not only neutralizes acid but also prevents it from being produced.

Lemon-based beverages

Lemon water or lemon tea is a fantastic way to obtain immediate relief from gastrointestinal issues. To increase the flavor, aroma, and benefits of lemon water, add a pinch of black salt, powdered roasted cumin seeds, and ajwain, making it a superb stomach-pleasing drink. A bit of baking soda added to a glass of lemon water can also help to reduce acidity and improve digestion.

Mint Juice

One teaspoon of mint juice, mint tea, or mint chutney is a rapid cure for releasing trapped gas and alleviating stomach pain caused by it.


An age-old home cure for stomach gas is to drink cold buttermilk before or during meals. It helps to neutralize gastric acid and protects the stomach lining from irritation and damage. It’s also a naturally occurring probiotic beverage that aids digestion, minimizes gas buildup, and reduces bloating.

Ginger Tea

A slice of fresh ginger root is boiled in water to make it. Gingerol, the primary component in ginger, possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes saliva, gastric juices, and bile production and neutralizes gastric acid when consumed before or after a meal.

Fennel Tea

With only a cup of tea, a lot can happen. Here’s a special cup of tea to save the day if you’re suffering from mild stomach difficulties and temporary episodes of discomfort. It’s produced by steeping beautiful green fennel seeds in a cup of water for 5-7 minutes. It relieves bloating, indigestion, gas, colic in newborns, and lack of appetite quickly. It also has antimicrobial qualities and can be used to treat gastrointestinal problems.

Chamomile Tea

It’s created by boiling dried chamomile daisy-like flowers. It has anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects on the mind. It can help with indigestion, bloating, trapped gas, and belly cramps if used before meals and before night.

Other Drinks

Adding 3-6 drops of apple cider vinegar or clove oil to water or tea and drinking it before, during, or after meals may also help relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.

Other ingredients like ajwain (carom seeds), caraway (shahi jeera), licorice (mulethi), and holy basil (tulsi) can be steeped in water and drunk to help with indigestion, gas, bloating, cramps, and nausea.

Powders that calm the stomach

Individuals with an upset tummy, bloating, acidity, heartburn, and many other gastric issues might also benefit from immediately taking powdered items from their kitchen stock, such as fennel seeds, carom seeds, caraway, coriander, and so on. The following are a few examples:

  • When consumed in equal portions in a glass of cold milk, the powder including green cardamom, fennel seeds, and unrefined sugar may provide immediate relief from heartburn or acidity.
  • Similarly, consuming a powder form including cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and sugar two times a day with water will help to eliminate acidity.

Mucilage Strengthening in the Stomach

Mucilage is a slimy, slick material that is found in some plants. The mucilaginous substance expands when exposed to water and has a bland flavor. They produce a protective coating over the inflamed lining or sore surface of the stomach when swallowed, which not only shields it from additional acid injury but also helps it heal. The following are a few examples:

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain anti-inflammatory effects and can help with acid reflux symptoms. They’re also high in minerals, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, among other things. These can be added to cold beverages, smoothies, fruit juices, yogurt, oatmeal, puddings, and other foods after soaking in water.


Ispaghula, also known as isabgol, is an excellent remedy for gastrointestinal problems. It provides relief from indigestion, stomach discomfort, and loose stools when eaten with curd. It helps to relieve acid reflux symptoms when combined with cold milk. Constipation can be relieved by taking ispaghula with warmed milk.

Stomach-Pain Relieving Creams and Pastes

In circumstances where one is unable to drink or does not feel like eating, the following method can help to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort quickly.

a. Massage with asafetida

Massage the belly gently with asafetida, also known as Hing, with a few drops of warm water, to relieve stomach pain caused by gas.

b. Paste for Stomach Pain Relief

It’s made by adding a few drops of water to a finely powdered mixture of dried ginger, long pepper, black pepper, asafetida, and rock salt. After mildly warming the paste, apply it to the abdomen for two hours to relieve abdominal pain caused by gas.

Methods to Restrict Gastric Pain

Cutting out or limiting coffee and soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, smoking, and excessive junk food from your diet will help to reduce your risk of stomach health problems.

Minimizing binge eating, sleeping regularly, and obtaining some type of daily physical activity are all good ways to reduce your chances of developing a stomach condition in the long run.

The home remedies listed above may provide immediate relief from infrequent bouts of gas and other gastrointestinal discomforts. However, if these suggestions fail to provide significant relief, medical assistance should be sought promptly.

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