Simple Home Remedy Tips to Cure Asthma

You can find several pharmaceutical drugs that can be used for asthma control, either to minimize the mucus production or to minimize the swelling in the airways or to smooth the muscles. However, unfortunately, these drugs have side effects, especially in cases of prolonged usage.

Don’t get disturbed, there is good news too! You can even control asthma by taking ayurvedic or herbal medicines apart from the natural home remedies. By following a combination of healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, you can build up your immune system and prevent yourself from future asthma attacks.



Consistent practice of home remedies can be equally effective in treating and preventing Asthma, without the involvement of drugs and other decongestant sprays. Below given are some home remedies and simple tips to cure and restrict asthma.

  • Doing regular physical or deep breathing exercises, and swimming can be extremely beneficial for chronic asthmatic patients.
  • Drinking hot ginger tea with few minced pieces of garlic cloves helps in treating asthma.
  • You can inhale the few drops of essential oils of the Juniper herb mixed in hot water, which will help clear the breathing passage and provide respite from breathing issues. Inhaling honey from a jug during the asthmatic attack can ease the breathing within few minutes.
  • Try to keep your place dust-free and avoid perfumes and air fresheners, as it can get into the lungs and trigger attacks.
  • Try to use polyester bed sheets and pillows.
  • The smoke from kitchen can irritate asthmatic patients. Use an exhaust fan or improve the ventilation.
  • Honey is an important component in treating asthma through various remedies. Take honey, radish and lemon juice and blend it in a mixer. Cook it in low flame and take a teaspoon of this mixture in the morning daily to avoid breathing issues.
  •  One of the best remedies for asthma is to drink a cup of hot tea made from licorice root. You can also take a mixture of black pepper, powdered ginger root and a teaspoon of honey.You can also try the herbal Swasasugam syrup, which is extremely effective in boosting the compromised immune function and eliminating respiratory tract inflammations, without the side effects of sedatives, antihistamines or alcohol.


Swasasugam helps in preventing allergic bronchitis. You can take 5 ml of this medicine twice a day after meals or as directed by your physician.


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