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Beat the Heat of Summer

Summer is always characterized by heat. The scorching rays of the sun make life really miserable for people who are scared to move out during this period. Not only humans but all living beings including the plants and trees are affected by this heat of summer. Water levels get drastically reduced and there may even be frequent forest fires affecting the thick vegetation. Wild animals are forced to move out of their habitat and some would even perish in these raging fires.

Heat wave during summer is explained as a phenomenon where the temperature hovers around 110 deg. F continuously for a period of three days. The situation is more compounded and becomes harmful when heat is accompanied by high levels of humidity. Heat related ailments could occur, when the human body is unable to compensate the fluids and salt levels lost due to excessive sweating. The common forms of heat disorders include the following:

  • i) Sunburns
  • ii) Stroke
  • iii) Exhaustion
  • iv) Cramps

During this hot season, people should try

  • Root of Indian sarsaparilla should be soaked in hot water overnight. The same can be drained the next day morning by using a clean cloth. This drained mixture can be mixed with sugar to form syrup and can be consumed every day to cool the body.
  • Mix cumin seeds in water and the same can be consumed instead of taking plain water. It cools, imparts strength and energy and rectifies dehydration of the body as well.
  • Prepare thin gruel from corn flour and sugar and keep it in fresh mud pots. Consume it after some time as they are ideal for summer season.
  • Buttermilk seasoned with cumin seeds, ginger, coriander leaves can be consumed to cool the body as well as to improve the digestion. Also take plenty of fruit juices, palm fruits and tender coconuts to beat the summer heat.
  • Compact hand fan prepared from petals of Palm tree can be utilized during this period.
  • You could visit beautiful lakes, ponds, rivers, and forests which are relatively cool and pleasant. The forest and woods present a calm and serene atmosphere along with pleasant fragrances, and they are ideal for recreational purposes.
  • You could wear thin cotton clothing and apply natural perfumery powders like javvadhu to get over your body odour caused due to sweat.


  • Getting adequate peaceful sleep helps to get rid of your perspiration and fatigue associated with your daily routines.
  • It is best to sleep in apartment equipped with water resources like wells, small pond, fountains along with sweet smelling flowers all around.
  • Children, pregnant women and people who are afflicted by diseases and other ailments could sleep during the day time.
  • Always keep your bedroom neat and tidy, free from dust and other pollution.
  • Choose comfortable weather bedding made up of cotton or polyester blend sheets.
  • Put your fan on and keep the windows open so that the temperature in the room comes down considerably.
  • Avoid caffeine related beverages and alcoholic drinks before going to bed.
  • Wear a comfortable light dress. A light pure cotton fabric would be an ideal suggestion.

People should avoid

Exercise: When you exercise during summer, you tend to lose your body fluids too quickly. Exhaustion and tiredness will rule your body. The heat generated in your body may give rise to skin irritations such as lumps and boils.

Exposure to the sun: Too much exposure to sun may affect the health of your skin. During noon, the sun emits ultraviolet rays which affect your body. You will experience a burning sensation and your skin may turn dark in color. Prolonged exposure may also lead to skin cancer.

Foods which are pungent, sour and salty and consuming hot items should be avoided during this season.

Alcoholic drinks should be avoided. Intake of alcoholic drinks results in rapid depletion of essential nutrients from the body. Alcohol causes liver abnormalities, capillaries in the face to dilate and results in facial redness. Consumption of alcohol affects your personality as one ends up with swollen face and eyes. The risk of depression looms large as the brains chemistry is altered. If it is not possible to completely avoid this habit, it is advised that a small amount of alcohol may be mixed with plenty of water and then consumed. It must also be noted here that alcohol should not be withdrawn suddenly. Have a check on your alcohol intake and gradually reduce that in phases. You could get good tips from a de-addiction centre.

Sexual intercourse should not be performed frequently during this season. The couple would be overcome by tiredness and exhaustion due to the heat. The duration will be reduced and they would not be able to experience complete satisfaction.

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