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6 Basic Beauty Tips for Face

There is always a contradictory view about one’s appearances counts more value Vs one’s manners and behavior counts more. Though it has been universally accepted that the latter is important, it is an undeniable fact that appearance plays a very important part in your work place, home, during interviews etc. It is your face which is the index of your mind and all that shine and glow will just reflect your self-confidence. When this goes amiss, you are entitled to many negative comments, impressions and what not.

Beauty Tips for Face

So, to keep your skin healthy and toned, you will need to take minimal efforts from the comfort of your home and this article will guide you on 6 such simple beauty tips to follow-remember, first impression is always the best impression and it is all in your hands. Here we go…

  • Shield the Sun: Though Vitamin D is important to your body and the Sun is the main source of this essential vitamin, the sun rays that enter your home and the rays which penetrate your skin while you are out, is more than enough. This being the case, make sure you protect yourself from the harmful and penetrating UV rays and too much of sunlight which can tan you away. Dab and pamper your arms, face etc. with a quality sunscreen lotion. Going herbal will make sure that you are not harmed because of the chemicals used in its preparation. Go herbal, go green!!
  • Abide by the CTM: The cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine must be your beauty schedule, no matter where you are or how tired you are. Allotting 5 minutes towards your skin for basic cleansing once you are back from outside, using the right toner if you have enlarged pores and dabbing on some oil-free moisturizer to your face, neck, arms and legs before you go to bed will do wonders to your skin. You will notice that the incidence of pimples and boils on your skin will go down randomly if you are regular with your CTM.
  • No Makeover: Try and restrict yourself from those filthy expensive makeup items available in every mall these days. Minimal makeup, which is necessary and has become a mandate these days, can of course be followed. The more your skin is free of makeup, the more will it breathe easy and healthier it will be! Minimal make up such as a block of sunscreen/moisturizer (depending on your skin type), kajal, and a lip gloss/balm with some SPF is what we refer to minimal for the Indian women. With CTM to even this minimal makeup is much necessary to maintain your skin in a healthy way.
  • The Cleansing Guru: It has been the habit of many people out there to retire to bed or spring back to the house hold work once they are back from work/outside. The environmental pollutants largely penetrate your skin even if you have driven/ridden on an empty road. This has to be kept in mind and one has to sincerely get back home and immediately wash your face with a mild cleanser. This will ensure that your skin pores are not coagulated with dust or dirt and will enhance better breathing for your skin. The cleaner your skin is, the better it breathes.
  • The Face Mask Mantra=
  • The Face Mask Mantra: For those who want an enhanced complexion and toned and even skin, natural face packs are very essential. If you are a busy person, try and follow this schedule at least twice a week for best results. Simple and basic face packs like milk and honey, rice flour with honey (scrub), a mashed veggie paste made out of the available veggies in your refrigerator etc. will ensure that your complexion is enhanced. While CTM keeps your skin clean and healthy, these natural packs will help enhance its tone and appearance.
  • Work your Way Scrubbing: Like how cleansing, toning and moisturizing is important to your skin; so is scrubbing. There might be ‘not-so-easily-defeated’ dirt, which needs basic scrubbing. Well, over scrubbing your face and on a daily basis will only spoil its texture. It is important to get out those hard stained dirt from your skin pores weekly once. You can set aside your weekends for this 5-minute task. Go in for herbal scrubs that are store-bought, or make a scrub paste at home with the available ingredients for best results. Rice flour with a few drops of lemon juice made to paste with plain water is the best home scrub DIY. You can scrub this onto your face, massage the particles for a few minutes so that all the dirt deposits come to the uppermost surface of your skin, and you can easily cleanse it with a mild cleanser and you’ll be done!
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