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Why Packaged Foods Harm Your Health?

In today’s world, a normal and healthy life with naturally cooked foods has been exchanged with convenience foods. The words “rush” and “time constraint” has become common to any man’s life dictionary. Convenience or packaged foods burn your pockets leaving a hole both in your finance and health front. You pay money to buy illness to yourself—all in a package!

Packaged Foods

If you are seriously concerned about your health and today’s unhealthy lifestyle, this is an intense custom-made article just for you. When fruits and vegetables are naturally and luckily yet available next doors, people compromise on these healthy stuff with processed, cut and canned fruits and veggies. When the dosa and idli flour can be grinded at home on your weekend spare time and refrigerated for a whole week’s use, we go in for packaged flour from the shop next door—all these to compromise and convince ourselves that we are still eating traditional and staple food!

We never realise that with price and the packaging comes illness as a free supplement. It is absolutely not wrong to go in for convenience foods to take that weekend off and pamper yourself with beauty sleep, but what is the final result—you pay for both the food you buy, and the hospital you end up landing once it has done all possible harm to you. Consider naturally cooked foods and change your lifestyle. Do not blame time for it; time is always the same for everyone, making use of it effectively is unto you.

Now, if you wonder what big harm the packaged foods bring to you, here is the list of the trio that can doom your own health and your family’s too. Read on about the factors and then decide if you really want to continue this “convenience lifestyle”.

BPA- Bisphenol: BPA, the food industries’ permanent ingredient is used in all packaged foods to keep the food away from reacting with the metal or plastic or paper it comes in. This food that helps prevent corrosion of metal from your food packaging, gives neural disorders to the embryo that’s growing in your womb if you are prego. Indirectly, you administer this harmful agent to your baby right from the stage of its formation until its lifespan is completed. For the adults, BPA brings along cardiovascular diseases, endocrinology problems, heart diseases and cancer. This is one major reason why you should stay away from processed and canned foods.

Sodium: Sodium that comes naturally with every veggie and the sodium that you add from your salt shaker do no harm to you. But the packaged foods do. They are loaded with double-triple the times of sodium than what’s normal. This is just to prevent the food from getting spoilt and for a longer shelf life. For example, there is 15 times more of sodium in canned tomatoes and you can imagine what goes into your stomach when you consume these. The bag of chips and such close to heart snacks of yours is packaged with 10 times sodium than what’s normally used to give it the crispiness and long shelf life. You spend for a pack and get your BP illness free along! High levels of sodium in your diet causes fluctuation in sodium levels in your blood and this can lead even up to a heart disease.

Sulphites: Sulphites are the sulphur based components that are the preservatives added to the nicely packaged favorite food of yours. Food labels on canned vegetables may not say "sulphites" per se, but look for any of these ingredients which have sulphites in them: sulphur dioxide, potassium bisulphites, potassium metabisulphites or sodium sulphites.

The conclusion: Choose fresh or frozen vegetables first and canned vegetables second!

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