A Spoonful of Herbs for Liver Protection

The ancient story of herbs dates back to the seers and sages. They defined on the place that it has to grow and how they handpicked it so piously. These handpicked herbs were prescribed to sufferers with honey, oil or butter (those days, a mixed preparation of these were not available). Such treasures were available for lowering blood sugar levels and let’s look at some herbs which can cast that magic on you:

Herbs for Liver Protection
  1. Karisalai (Eclipta alba)

    Purpose: Purifies liver of infections

    Herb Habitat

    Commonly known as false daisy or karisalankanni, the plants’ flowers have florets which are 6-8mm in diameter. Distributed through India, China, Thailand and Brazil, this herbal plant has found its traditional use in Ayurveda. Rich in coumestans such as wedelolactone and demethylwedelolactone, polypeptides, polyacetylenes, thiophene derivatives, steroids, triterpenes and flavonoids, this famous herb intoxicated the liver of infections completely.

    How does it work on you?

    Eclipta is a restorative and anti-hepatotoxic herb nullifies the toxins affecting the liver. It also restores the hepatic cells which are damaged due consumption of alcohol and other toxic substances. Its antibacterial, anti-viral property protects the liver from microbial infections.

    Research results of Eclipta alba

    Restorative effect of Eclipta alba in CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity in male albino ratsT Thirumala1, E David 1,2*, S Viviyan Therasa1, EK Elumalai

  2. Neruncil (Tribulus terrestris)

    Purpose: Cleanses the liver

    Herb Habitat

    Commonly referred to as goathead, this herbaceous plant grows in summer and winter. Rich in oryzalin, benefin, or trifluralin, this herb very effectively cleanses the liver of infections and pollutants.

    How does it work on you?

    It is an anti-oxidant herb, eliminates the liver toxins and protect the Liver the cells from toxicity and carcinogens (cancer inducing chemicals) that are invited by alcohol consumption. It has stimulating and cleansing action on liver and supports breakdown of fats in to fatty acids.

    Research results of Eclipta alba

    Recovery of phosphatase and transaminase activity of mercury intoxicated Mus musculus (Linn.) liver tissue by Tribulus terrestris (Linn.) (Zygophyllaceae) extract

  3. Killkainelli (Phyllanthus niruri)

    Purpose: Acts as an antiviral agent

    Herb Habitat

    Commonly referred to as Keezhanalli, this traditional herb is very effective against diseases that affect the liver, for example, jaundice. Very rich in proteins, it helps repair the liver of any damages internally and also acts as an antiviral agent preventing it from further diseases.

    How does it work on you?

    Phyllanthus is a cholagogue, promotes the flow of bile into the intestine, especially as a result of contraction of the gallbladder. It controls hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis and prevents formation of fatty liver. It provides antiviral activity against hepatitis causing viruses.

    Research results of Phyllanthus niruri

    Lipid lowering activity of Phyllanthus niruri in hyperlipemic rats

    A.K Khanna, F Rizvi, R Chander

  4. Milagu (Piper nigrum)

    Purpose: Prevents the liver from toxin buildup

    Herb Habitat

    The very well-known black pepper brings miraculous effects to both culinary and Ayurveda. Native to South India, it both a flavor and medicine. Rich in serotonin and beta-endorphin, this herb helps in detoxicating the liver of infections.

    How does it work on you?

    Pepper is a carminative herb, improves Appetite and digestion, prevents accumulation of fat and regulates liver function. It protects the liver cells and inhibits formation of liver fibrosis (scarring of liver cells caused by toxins) which is the main cause for liver cirrhosis.

    Research results of Piper nigrum



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Home Remedies

Anything starts from home-yes, your habits, health and lifestyle. Follow the following to lead a sugar-free health:

  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder (homemade powder) in a glass of warm milk and have it every day. It helps to protect the liver from hepatitis causing viruses.
  • Make a paste of fresh Neem leaves by adding water. Consume this paste once in every fortnight early morning with empty stomach. Neem is an excellent hepato protective herb, helps the liver to detoxify the toxins and protect it from the damage of synthetic drugs.
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