Treat Psoriasis the Natural Way

The discomfort, the irritation, the soreness and itchiness triggered by psoriasis are so unbearable. Moreover, the disability and inconvenience brought by psoriasis not only give trouble in the physical aspect but mentally too. The social discrimination that one has to face due to their appearance can make them low esteemed and lower their confidence level. Hence, it is important for the family members to show their support to them while they are having cures for psoriasis. Below given are some few natural remedies to cure psoriasis.

Aloe Vera – The gel inside the aloe vera plant helps to heal skin wounds. It reduces inflammation, redness, and scaling. It should be applied directly to the skin, not to be consumed.

Omega-3 fatty acids or Fish Oil – The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements and fishes improve autoimmune diseases and reduce inflammation. This can also help in treating psoriasis.

Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar contains natural germ-killing properties and is helpful to soothe the burning and itching associated with scalp psoriasis. It is better not to use it on the cracked or broken skin. If you are allergic to lotions, do a sample test by applying it on your hand; if it burns, stop using it.

Oregon grape – Oregon grape a.k.a mahonia aquifolium help calm the immune response in psoriasis. Applying a cream with at least 15 percent of Oregon grape can improve the symptoms.

Curcumin – It is the active ingredient found in turmeric and helps in reducing inflammation. Curcumin is available as a capsule in most of the medical stores.

Moisturizers – Bathing in Epsom salts or colloidal oatmeal may help relieve symptoms of psoriasis. It is very important to keep the skin moisturized as flaking and itching can make psoriasis feel and look worse. A thick cream or heavy ointment may help to control symptoms. Try to use moisturizers labeled for “sensitive skin.”

The commonly used Vitamins to strengthen the body health and improve the immune system are B12, C, D, and E. This can slowly cure psoriasis or even eliminate it.

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