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  • Enlightenment formula
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Enlightenment formula:

Eclipta alba ,the divine herb used by ancient siddhas & saints. It helped them to perceive the spiritual power from the ecstasy existing in the form of sound & light. This Mantra energized Eclipta alba links deep source of brain energy, supports in self and spiritual awareness, changes the thought process & removes karma of a person taking this herb.

Enlightenment formula is a rejuvenator, revitalizes the skin and hair cells. Ancient siddha treatises mention that Eclipta alba enhances complexion and makes the skin glitter like that of gold. It helps to grow hair thick, strong and black. It is a liver rejuvenator too. Eclipta stimulates blood detoxification, fat metabolism and blood glucose regulation.

Recent research studies on Eclipta alba links this to help in

  • Sharp awareness & improvement in judgmental capacity.
  • Provides Mental calmness
  • Improves judgmental capacity &cognizance
  • Activates liver functions
  • Detoxifies blood
  • Promotes eye sight
  • Eliminates endotoxins

What is unique in this?

This is the phoneme enhanced formula, infused with specific brain chakra sound vibrations increasing the potency of the herb.


Each bottle contains 60 nos of Capsule

  • Each capsule contains

500 mg of Eclipta alba Whole plant Extract

  • Other ingredients

Vegetarian capsule

Recommended Usage:

For Adult:1 capsule with food

Manthra Infused

Brain chakra Sound vibrations

Enlightenment formula