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Hi: Memory Formula

  • Hi-Memory Formula
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Hi-Memory Formula:

Bacopa also known as Brahmi is a component of Hi-memory Formula. Brahmi means creative energy. It is widely known for cognitive enhancement and memory improvement. Modern researches evidence its ability of enhancing thinking process, learning capabilities and improving memory functions.

Bacosides of Bacopa makes this Hi-memory formula highly effective for cognitive functions. It is well known as neuroprotective & neuro regenerative herb because of its ability of improving blood supply to Brain cells.Its cognitive boosting capacity is due to the enhanced transmission of nerve impulse.

In the studies Bacopa detoxifies and decalcifies the Pineal gland, the 3rd Eye Chakra which is responsible for unique thinking process and creative skills

Scientific researches reveal this herbs benefit as

  • Enhances cognitive functions
  • Improves verbal learning, memory consolidation & speed in early information process.
  • Improves logical memory
  • Increases immediate memory span
  • Suppress oxidative stress of brain cells.
  • Reduces anxiety & stress.

What is unique?

Hi-memory formula is uniquely infused with 3 rd Eye Chakra activating phonemes to enhance the potency this herb.


Each bottle contains 60 nos of Capsule

  • Each capsule contains

500 mg of Bacopa monnieri Whole plant Extract

  • Other ingredients

Vegetarian capsule

Recommended Usage:

For Adult:1 capsule with food

Manthra Infused

Sound vibrations for transformation & health

Hi: Memory Formula